L.H. Gray & Son/Gray Ridge Egg Farms Welcomes You

When my parents, Lyle and Ina Gray, began our business in 1934, they committed themselves to producing and selling quality eggs and I am proud to say we have continued the family commitment today.

From my perspective, family and individual lifestyles have changed since 1934 and in many ways, so have we. Yet, I am proud to say, we are still a family operated egg business, one of Canada’s oldest and most trusted.

In 1934, we sold Extra large, Large, Medium, Small that were mainly brown eggs. Today, consumer lifestyles and demands have changed and our product line now consists of a wide variety of egg types and packages, plus processed egg products. We will continue to modify our product line as consumer needs require. We call this "delivering lifestyle choices."

This website tells the story of the Gray family and provides information about our products.

In addition, there are some great egg recipes for you to try and there is even something for the kids … Clucky’s Egg Drop, which can be found in the Facts & Fun section.

I hope you will enjoy your visit and please come back.

Bill Gray,
L.H. Gray & Son Limited/Gray Ridge Egg Farms